What is Cartilage Regeneration Treatment?

Treatment for Cartilage Injury typically involves surgery. While most procedure are done arthroscopically, major cartilage repair may involve mini-open or open procedure of the knee. The advancement of Technology makes the treatment for Cartilage Regeneration highly possible to regenerate the original Cartilage.

How is the treatment being performed?

Hyalofast One-Step Cartilage Regeneration Method involves the use of a Hyaluronic Acid based Scaffold, Hyalofast, combined with Autologous Bone Graft to regenerate Original Hyaline grade cartilage.
This procedure can be carried out by Arthroscopic Surgery, Mini-Open or Open procedure depending on the severity of the condition.

Recovery Period & Physiotherapy Involved.

  • After the Surgery, the joint has to be rested and non-weight bearing for 3-4 weeks.
  • at 4th week onwards, patient is put on active movement to start joint movement recovery.
  • Patient is allowed to return to low impact sports (such as swimming & cycling) from 4th month onwards and full impact sports from 12 month onwards.